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Data Change Logging / Historical Data

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The Application Server provides the possibility to write a log of changes to data, including creation modification and deletion of data. This possibility can be used to create continuous change logs that allow to trace back who changed data at what point in time and also how data was changed. The Data Change Log functionality is meant to be used if you are working in an environment where you are forced by legislation to record changes made to data.

Tracking data changes configured with Global Settings.

The data changes are logged in the same SQL Server database as your Application Server instance. No additional backup strategy needs to be created.

For the purpose of not filling the user interface with every save that's made to a feature, MappRover has the concept of major version. The user interface can then be filtered to only show major versions.

For type specific data, you must provide a valid from date when the changes should be taken into consideration when executing in-feature calculations. The reason for this is that we can have a e.g. reference level at a ground water pipe that was changed 2020-06-01. If we import observations older than 2020-06-01, we want to use the old reference level. If we import observations that occurred after 2020-06-01, we want to use the new reference level. MappRover handles that automatically if a valid from date is given.

It's also possible to enforce a valid from date if a change to a specific type specific data is done. This is configured in Property structure configuration.

To see an object's historical data, please click the icon below. Please also note that historical data is shown per tab, that means historical base data is shown in one tab, type specific data in another tab and observation data in a third tab.

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